School Information


The school uniform is now stocked at the U shop which is found at 84 Filleul St, Dunedin. 

The PE uniform is bought from Otago Sports Depot in George Street (Opposite Farmers).

Uniform regulations  

School Activity Contribution

The College asks parents for a School Activity Contribution to help provide for extra resources which are not fully covered by government grants. This may include things like IT equipment and laptops/Ipads for student use.  The SAC is a voluntary donation.  Upon payment, the school will issue a receipt and the donation can be claimed annually against income tax for a one-third refund. 

The SAC levels are as follows:

For 2021 these are Years 7 & 8 $130.00, Years 9 & 10, $150.00 and Years 11 to 13 $180.00. Families with more than 1 child at the College pay the full amount for the oldest child and 50% for each subsequent child. This levy does not cover Field Trips, Organised Sports, Retreats or camps. Some specialist subjects attract additional fees, eg Photography, Physical Education to cover exceptional delivery costs.