Bring Your Own Device

All students are now required to have an internet capable device for educational use in the classroom.

Education at Kavanagh College is modern and innovative and will be enhanced by the introduction of digital learning alongside the traditional classroom environment.  Our students must be prepared for lives and careers that require high levels of digital literacy.  Kavanagh College believes the introduction of this methodology is essential as NZQA move toward all NCEA examinations being completed online within a few years.


  • Provide immediate access to the internet
  • Enable immediate access to online materials posted by teachers
  • Encourage group learning, creativity and problem-solving supported by digital devices

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are other schools doing this?  Yes, BYOD is a common policy in many NZ secondary schools.  Students have been bringing their own devices to Kavanagh for years, 2016 will be the first year it is compulsory.
  • Will students be using the internet every lesson?  No, but many lessons will use Google Classroom for learning and to submit work to their teachers.

Which device is required?

  • Year 7 – 10 students should bring a Tablet (iPad, MS Surface, GalaxyTab etc.)
  • Year 11 – 13 students should bring a full laptop
  • Students doing high end digital work (Art/Photography/Graphics/Design and Visual Communication) would benefit from a higher end laptop capable of running Photoshop and CAD design programmes, although the school will still have computer labs capable of these functions.

Students will be using Google products in classes which are free to all users.

All Kavanagh College students will have a email account to allow this.

If you require financial assistance to purchase a device for your child, please use this form.