Four Core Values


At Kavanagh, RESPECT is the recognition, allowance and encouragement of our own, and others', uniqueness, gifts and talents.

1. Respect is not earned. It is given.
Every person deserves respect.

2. We Respect ourselves.
Through best effort & self-control.

3. We Respect each other.
Through kindness & tolerance of difference. Through listening and trust. Through encouragement and support.

4. We Respect our World.
Through care of our planet. Through care of our school.

5. We Respect the rules.
If a rule is unfair we can work to change it.

In the Gospel stories we hear often of Jesus' respect for others: When he recognises the abilities of those who were rejected by their community; When he trusts people who have made mistakes; When he speaks with people who have been outcast; When he treats all people as equal – all made in the image of God.


At Kavanagh, SERVICE leads on from RESPECT and is the action of helping make our community more caring, hospitable, peace-making and joyful.

1. Service involves 'selfless' action.
It does not start with 'what is in it for me'.

2. We Serve ourselves.
Through reflection, best effort and self-control. Through being the best person we can be.

3. We Serve each other.
Through responding to the needs of others. Through ensuring we don't hurt others.

4. We Serve our World.
Through making responsible, informed choices. Through responding to the needs of our world.

5. We Serve our College.
Through caring for it. Through supporting all members of the Kavanagh Community.

In the Gospel stories, we hear often of Jesus' service to others: When he washes the feet of his disciples; when he heals; when he listens, teaches and prays. We are called to do to others, what we'd like them to do to us.


At Kavanagh, JUSTICE is a product of SERVICE and is the action of, and desire for, fairness, reconciliation and peace.

1. Justice is constructive.
It is more focussed on 'making things right' than on punishment or revenge.

2. We act Justly to ourselves.
Through thinking before we act. Through standing up for what is right. Through allowing ourselves to be forgiven.

3. We live justly with each other.
Through acting fairly, with compassion. Through striving for reconciliation.

4. We create Justice in our World.
Through doing and speaking what is right.

5. We create Justice in our college.
Through being people of peace.

In the Gospel stories, we hear often of Jesus' call for Justice: When he challenges those who treat others harshly; when he speaks of the need to bring about the 'kingdom of God'; when he forgives those who have done wrong; when he calls us brothers and sisters.
"What does God ask of us? To live justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God." Micah


At Kavanagh, TRUTH emerges from JUSTICE and is the basis of RESPECT. It is the practice of being courageous, honest, trusting and reflective.

1. Truth requires courage.

2. We show Truth to ourselves.
Through being honest with ourselves. Through not hiding behind excuses or lies.

3. We show Truth to each other.
Through seeing things as they really are. Through constructively speaking out.

4. We see Truth in our World.
Through looking beyond ourselves.

5. We create Truth in our college.
Through being involved, owning up & speaking out.

In the Gospels we hear Jesus speaking often of Truth: When he challenges the people in power; When he acknowledges the poor and suffering; When he teaches and tells stories; In his unconditional love for all people; When he shows us he is the Way the Truth and the Life; When he teaches us to pray.