Social Justice

The Catholic understanding of ecclesiology is that social mission is constitutive, or core, to how we are a church.

We believe that our purpose is to bring about the reign of God in history, we don’t sit back and wait for heaven! For this reason, Social Justice informs a significant part of our activities and thinking at Kavanagh. All tutor classes are encouraged to carry out an action for the good of others and all students are encouraged to participate in these projects throughout the year. There are also two times of the year when Social Justice is particularly emphasised. The first is in Lent when the Caritas Challenge is undertaken.

Caritas provides resources and ideas to engage students in activities that may raise money but will also raise awareness of social inequity. Caritas supports Social Justice week in the third term which is another opportunity for students to learn and contribute. Social Justice prefects, Service prefects and the Head Students all have a part to play supporting Social Justice at Kavanagh.