Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award

This award is open to all students from the age of 14. It is a self-directed programme with support from the school. It has four sections; service, physical recreation, skills and adventurous journey. Information can be found on their website. In order to encourage longevity through to Gold level, Kavanagh College has decided to offer the award starting at 15 years of age with direct entry into Silver level. If there is parental support and motivation for the long haul, students are welcome to start at Bronze at 14 years of age. At Kavanagh College, the award is co-ordinated by Rachel Mortimer and Ian Adamson is responsible for helping to train students for their adventurous journey. Join the google classroom to be kept up with new information.

Fun Science with Amadeo

This fun science programme is run on a Tuesday from 3pm-5pm in the Kavanagh College Science block. From the physics of flying drones to the explosive power of hydrogen, it is time to enjoy new technology and experience some science in the lab.

Space Club

This programme is held on a Friday night from 7-9pm at the Dunedin Observatory at Robin Hood park. It costs $10 per term and includes activities with telescopes, rockets, aurora hunting, and astrophotography. It is run by Amadeo, a science communicator and teacher from the Otago museum.

Science at the Pool

All types of Science can happen at Moana pool! A session is held on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45 pm at Moana pool. It costs $1.50 for the pool entry each time. Amadeo also runs this programme.

Spanish Club

On Mondays from 3-5pm in the Kavanagh College lecture theatre, you can learn Spanish language and culture as well as Science. There is cooking, music, art and sports. Amadeo specialises in the Science-Spanish mix!

Outdoor Education

Year 8
Students head off to Camp Columba at the end of Year 8 to participate in a week of physical challenges including abseiling, climbing, walking, ropes, zip lines to name a few.

Year 10
Students at the end of Year 10 embark on a week long camp as part of the Health & Physical Education programme at Kavanagh College. They can choose to participate in one of the following camps:

  • A bit of everything held at Cromwell and Bannockburn
  • Horse Riding held up the Cardona Valley
  • Mountain Biking in Naseby
  • Rock Climbing in Wanaka
  • Tramping in the Fiordland National Park
  • Surfing at Curio Bay