Kavanagh College has a rich production history. Every year since we have begun we have had a musical extravaganza.   Each year we have a major production with multiple performances to the wider community. These shows and much more have been successfully directed and produced at Kavanagh College since 1989.

One of the outstanding results of our Performances throughout the history of Kavanagh is the significant number of ex-pupils that return to assist the College and who have gone on to make successful careers from the performing arts.  This is due to the expertise and dedication of all staff involved. 

We pride ourselves in being an all-comers performance from the Orchestra through to the technical crew. All students who wish to be involved will get a chance to shine

In 2020, Kavanagh College will be performing Grease! This year’s musical will be directed by Erica Ward with musical direction from Georgie Watts. We also have a number of dedicated staff members and parents who will be assisting in the direction; Sarah Henderson, Michael Grant, Daniel Kelly, Nina O’Callaghan and Katrina Kerr-Bell, Rebecca Meikle and Christine Wilson 

Our talented students who will be undertaking our as follows - Annalise-Jade Keable (Sandy), Sam Kelly (Danny), Emily Kerr-Bell (Rizzo), Rosie Auckram (Jan), Amalie Latton (Marty), Stella Caulton (Frenchy), Sam Meikle (Kenickie), Ted Kerr-Bell (Roger), Ewen Clarke- Wallace (Doody) and Dararidh Lu (Sonny).

We look forward to their successes on stage at the end of April.


For more information on how to be involved in Kavanagh College’s Musicals, please contact Erica Ward 


Musicals Performed at Kavanagh College 

Jesus Christ Superstar (2010) 

Grease (2011)

Chicago (2012)

Cabaret (2013)

A Dream To Share (2014)

Oliver (2015), 

Wizard of Oz (2016)

Bugsy Malone (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (2018)

Annie (2019)

Grease (2020)