Drama and Theatre are alive and flourishing at Kavanagh College!

Shakespeare Festival 

The University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival is an important and exciting event on the school’s theatre calendar. In recent years Kavanagh College has entered three student-directed five-minute pieces in each festival and won a number of awards. Some entries have also made it to the national finals. Students who take part in the Shakespeare Festival not only have lots of fun, but they also gain invaluable experience and can often use their involvement towards NCEA Drama credits.

Drama Club 

In 2019, the Junior Drama Club was created to offer junior students at Kavanagh College a chance to meet and socialise with a variety of students who all share an interest in Drama. Once a fortnight, during lunchtime, students gather to participate in a variety of theatre sports skits and experiment with drama techniques.

Christmas Pantomime 

At the end of each year, local primary school students, pre-school children and families are entertained by the Kavanagh College Christmas Pantomime which is written and directed by school staff and senior performing arts students. The Pantomime is a great opportunity for Kavanagh students to be involved in a theatre production - either on stage, as a musician or behind the scenes. The show includes singing, dancing and acting, is lots of fun for both the participants and the audiences and is a great way for the community to get into the Christmas spirit.

If you would like more information about Theatre and Drama at Kavanagh College, please contact Erica Ward