Gifted & Talented

Kavanagh’s Gifted and Talented Programme ensures that students who need to be challenged and supported with extending their learning are provided for. The Dean of Gifted and Talented works with parents, students and subject teachers to not only provide accelerated learning opportunities when needed, but also pastoral support through understanding the variety of needs of gifted and talented students.

Kavanagh College also offers an Opportunity Class for students who wish to be part of a programme above and beyond the New Zealand Curriculum. The Opportunity Class is a multi-level learning approach that provides the chance for students to focus on passion projects through self-directed learning. Students also work on 21st century learner skills and through field trips, connect to the talents that the wider community has to offer, such as participating in activities at the prestigious, Otago University. This class works together for 2 hours a fortnight on a passion project.