Level Three Drama


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

It is strongly recommended to have completed either Level 1 or Level 2 Drama. It does build on L1 Drama and  L2 Drama extending and developing practical skills and knowledge.



Course Outline

During the course students will be able to

  • integrate drama techniques to communicate meaning in the performance of both improvised and scripted drama.
  • use elements and conventions to devise, script and perform  drama.  
  • investigate and analyse texts characteristic of a drama/theatre form. 
  • Analyse, apply and reflect critically on drama processes and performance in a new context.
  • research the works of a drama practitioner.



AS 91512 - Integrated Drama Techniques in performance - 4 Credits

AS 91513 - Devise and perform drama performance - 5 Credits

AS 91515 - Performance of theatre form - 4 Credits

AS 91520 - Direct a play for performance - 5 Credits - Only specific students not all.



AS 91518 - Demonstrate understanding of live drama performance - 4 Credits

AS 91514 - Interpret a text from a prescribed playwright to demonstrate knowledge of a theatre form or period - 4 Credits

Where Does It Lead

The course leads to tertiary studies, at Theatre Studies Departments in Universities, Performing Arts Courses and Colleges of Education.

Further Information

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