Level Two Drama


NCEA Level 2 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

None at present. However to obtain maximum benefit from this course it would be useful to have completed  L1 Drama   Also valuable would be the Year 9 and/or the Year 10 Drama courses.



Course Outline

During the course the students will be able to:          

  • Apply drama techniques in an improvised group context
  • Apply drama techniques in a group within a scripted context
  • Use elements and conventions to structure, record and perform devised drama
  • Apply knowledge of a drama/theatre form through performing a role in a presentation
  • Research a significant playwrights works.
  • Understand and reflect on drama processes and performance



AS 91213 - Apply drama techniques in a scripted context - 4 credits

AS 91214 - Devise and perform a drama to realise an intention - 5 credits

AS 91216 - Perform features of a complex drama or theatre form - 4 credits

AS 91217 - Examine the work of a playwright - 4 credits

Externals- Students must do at least one.

AS 91215 - Discuss a drama or theatre form with reference to a text - 4 credits

AS 91219 - Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within a live performance - 4 credits





Where Does It Lead

L3 Drama

This course will enrich the background of students studying English, Music, History and Health Education.

Further Information

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