Level One English


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Year 10 English results of at least “Achieved” in reading, writing, literature studies, speaking and research is highly recommended.

One class at this level will be given the option of some extension particularly in language, creative writing and speech.  Selection for the class will be dependent upon Year 10 English results, a special ability and motivation in English as identified by teachers, parents and students, and a recommendation by the Head of Department and/or Senior Management, according to the above criteria.


Stationery Fee

Course Outline

The programme covers creative writing, formal writing, reading skills, the study of literature in a range of genres and a research report.  Extension English uses more challenging texts and language studies, with one extra assessment, AS 90852.


Level 1 NCEA requires the achievement of at least 10 credits for Literacy.



AS 90052 - Creative writing - 3 credits

AS 90053 - Formal writing - 3 credits

AS 90853 - Research - 4 credits

AS 90854 - Wide Reading - 4 Credits

AS 90852 - Significant Connections (Level 1 extension only) - 4 credits


AS 90849- Written texts essay - 4 credits

AS 90850 - Film Essay - 4 credits

AS 90851 - Close reading of unfamilar texts - 4 credits

Where Does It Lead

L2 English

L2 Alternative English

Further Information

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