Level Three English


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Highly recommended:

At least 14 credits from  L2 English with an "Achieved" grade,  

preferably a "Merit" grade in AS 91101 writing portfolio, and, at least an "Achieved" grade in each of the Level 2 external examinations.



Course Outline

Students develop their comprehension and criticism of prose, poetry and drama.  They produce writing in a variety of styles, and present a seminar based on literary research.

Works of several major authors in different genres are studied, analysed and evaluated, as is a film.



AS 91475 - Writing portfolio   - 6 credits

AS 91478 - Significant connections  - 4 credits

AS 91450 - Close viewing   - 3 credits

AS 91479 - Critical texts (research)  - 4 credits

AS 91476 - Seminar   - 3 credits



AS 91472 - Written texts essay   - 4 credits

AS 91473 - Visual texts essay   - 4 credits



Where Does It Lead

This course leads to tertiary studies

Further Information


Mr Brent Ford HOD