Level Three English


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Highly recommended:

At least 14 credits from  L2 English with an "Achieved" grade,  

preferably a "Merit" grade in AS 91099 Formal writing, and, at least an "Achieved" grade in two of the following: writing portfolio, extended text essay and close reading of texts.


Stationery Fee

Course Outline

Students work on comprehension and criticism of prose and poetry and research one literature topic.  This research is presented to the class in a seminar.  There is a choice of writing in a variety of styles.

Study of a Shakespearean play forms part of the course.  Works of several major authors in different genres are studied, analysed and evaluated, as is a film.



AS 91475 - Writing portfolio   - 6 credits

AS 91478 - Significant connections (research)   - 4 credits

AS 91450 - Close viewing   - 3 credits



AS 91476 - Seminar   - 3 credits



AS 91472 - Written texts essay   - 3 credits

AS 91474 - Close reading of unfamilar texts   - 4 credits


Optional- Scholarship only

AS 91479 - Critical texts (research)   - 4 credits

Where Does It Lead

This course leads to tertiary studies

Further Information

Mrs Pauline Ireland-Kenny