Level Two Alternative English


NCEA Level 2 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

L1 Alternative English  – at least 10 credits is recommended.

Students should have achieved at least one Level 1 writing standard:  AS 90053 Formal Writing or AS 90052 Creative Writing and should also have achieved the Level 1 reading standard: AS 90853 Research 



Course Outline

This course offers students the opportunity to develop their communication skills and to gain some University Entrance literacy requirements.



AS 91101 - Writing Portfolio   - 6 credits

AS 91103 - Create a visual and verbal text - 3 credits

AS 91105 - Research - 4 credits

AS 91106 - Wide reading - 4 credits

AS 91107 - Close Viewing - 3 credits


No Externals

Where Does It Lead

Year 13 students may choose to enrol in this class if they still need to complete the minimum requirements for literacy for University Entrance, provided that some credits have already been gained in Year 12.  See L2 English

Please note that this course is not designed to lead on to Level 3 English. Students aiming to enrol in Level 3 English in 2022, should choose Level 2 English rather than Level 2 Alternative English. Please note the entry requirements for  L2 English

Further Information


Mr Brent Ford HOD