Level Two English


NCEA Level 2 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Strongly recommended:

At least 14 credits with an “Achieved” grade from L1 English, preferably a “Merit” grade for Formal writing, and at least one “Achieved” grade in one of the externally assessed Achievement standards offered at Level 1.



Course Outline

Literature studies (which may include: a novel, drama, poetry, short stories, film), formal and creative writing, research and speech.

Credits in this course enable students to meet the literacy requirements for University Entrance, namely:

10 credits at Level 2 in English – achieve at least 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing.

Students looking to take Level 3 English in 2022 should select this course rather than Level 2 Alternative English to better prepare them for the understanding of literature required at NCEA Level 3.



AS 91101 - Writing portfolio   - 6 credits

AS 91105 - Research   - 4 credits

AS 91107 - Close Viewing   - 3 credits

AS 91106 - Wide reading   - 4 credits

AS 91102 - Spoken presentation   - 3 credits



AS 91098 - Written texts essay   - 4 credits

AS 91099 - Visual texts essay   - 4 credits

Where Does It Lead

L3 English

Further Information

Mr Brent Ford HOD