Level One Alternative English


NCEA Level 1 Unit Standards and Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

This course is recommended where Year 9 and 10 English grades in reading and writing skills have been “Not Achieved” and/or “Achieved” only, or where students are unlikely to achieve the externally assessed achievement standards of NCEA Level 1 English.
(Refer to NCEA Level 1 English)


Stationery fee

Course Outline

The course has an emphasis on more practical English skills, as well as language studies, reading comprehension, note-making, media studies, speaking and library and research work.

The course helps students to meet the literacy requirements for NCEA Level 1 (10 credits at Level 1).  


This is completely internally assessed.  

US 1273 - Write an original story   - 4 credits

US 3483 - Fill in a form   - 2 credits

US 10792 - Write formal personal correspondence   - 3 credits

AS 90053 - Formal Writing   - 3 credits

AS 90858 - Formal Speech   - 3 credits

AS 90856 - Wide Viewing   - 3 credits


Students may choose to reassess standards from Year 10

AS 90855 - Static Image   - 3 credits


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Further Information

Mrs Pauline Ireland-Kenny