Level One Music


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

It is strongly advised that students be able to sing or play an instrument upon starting the course.


Approx $25 for the year. This is to cover all printing, DVDs and CDs required over the duration of the course.

Course Outline

Students will learn to perform, compose, analyse music from different styles, and develop their theory knowledge and aural skills.  

Students may be entered for one or both of the external exams based on their strengths.


Performances are in front of an audience. These can be outside of school. For example, Gold Guitars, Competitions etc.


Internals - Performances are in front of an audience.

AS 91090 - Perform as a soloist     6 credits

AS 91091 - Demonstrate ensemble skills    4 credits

AS 91095 - Demonstrate musical knowledge     6 credits

AS 91092 - Compose music    6 credits


AS 91093 - Aural Skills    4 credits

AS 91094 - Score reading    4 credits


Where Does It Lead

NCEA Level 2

University and Polytechnic programmes

Further Information

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