Level One Extension Science


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Preferably “Excellence” in each assessment during Year 10 or in the End of Year exam.

A special ability and motivation in Science as identified by teachers, parents and students, and recommended by the Head of Department and/or senior management, according to the above criteria.


$25 Scipad Course workbook included in Year level Donation

Course Outline

Topics and learning include a mixture of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  The focus of this class will be on obtaining Excellence grades. The students will be offered two internals; a practical investigation & one that looks at the controversies of vaccinations.



AS 90930 Carry out a practical chemistry investigation, with direction - 4 credits

AS 90926 - Report on a biological issue - 3 Credits


AS 90940 - Demonstrate understanding of aspects of Mechanics - 4 credits

AS 90944 - Demonstrate understanding of aspects of Acids and Bases - 4 credits

AS 90948 - Demonstrate understanding of aspects of Biological Variation relating to Genetic Variation - 4 credits

Where Does It Lead

Level 2 Biology

Level 2 Chemistry

Level 2 Physics


Further Information

Mrs Thomson