Level One Economics and Accounting


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

While not required it is recommended to have completed Year 10 Economics 

“Achieved” grades throughout Year 10 English and Mathematics courses strongly recommended.


$10 for access to e-learning package included in Year level Donation

Course Outline

An Introduction to elementary accounting concepts including definitions, processes and communication of accounting information.

Scarcity is the basic economic problem faced by individuals, groups and countries. Scarcity results from the fact that our wants are unlimited, but unfortunately our means are limited.

Students will study concepts related to consumer choice and demand. They will also study how consumers, producers and government choices affect society, using market equilibrium.


Internals- Economics

AS 90987 - Demonstrate understanding of a government choice where affected groups have different viewpoints    4 credits

AS 90988 - Demonstrate the understanding of the interdependence of sectors of the New Zealand economy    3 credits

Internal - Accounting

As 90981 - Make a financial decision for an individual or a group

Externals - Economics

AS 90983- Demonstrate understanding of consumer choices, using scarcity and/or demand    4 credits

AS 90986 - Demonstrate understanding of how consumer, producer and/or government choices affect society, using market equilibrium    5 credits




Where Does It Lead

L2 Economics

L2 Accounting

L2 Agribusiness

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