Level Three Accounting


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards

Scholarship optional


Entry Requirement

At least 8 credits from L2 Accounting


Student workbook $20

Course Outline

A more in-depth look at the accounting process to cover accounting for different business structures such as partnerships, companies and manufacturing. 

Students will use actual data from a New Zealand reporting entity to prepare a report for an external user.



AS 91405 - Demonstrate understanding of accounting for Partnerships    4 credits

AS 91409 - Demonstrate understanding of a job costing subsystem    4 credits

Optional Internal

AS 91407- Prepare a report that analyses and interprets a company’s financial report for external users    5 credits


AS 91408 - Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to make a decision    4 credits

AS 91406 - Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparation    5 credits

Where Does It Lead

Further study at Tertiary level in Commerce, Business Studies or Agribusiness

Stage One Accounting is a requirement for Bachelor of Commerce students studying at University of Otago.

Accounting plays a significant role in society, and forms the basis of many decisions made on a personal or professional level.

Further Information

Mrs Buchanan or Ms Armstrong