Level Three Economics


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards.

Scholarship Optional

Entry Requirement

15 credits from L2 Economics is strongly recommended.

Students who gained Level 2 English with Merit. 



Course Outline

This course enables students to attain a level of economic literacy and understanding which will allow them to develop a continuing interest in contemporary economic issues.

The focus is on current New Zealand economic data and students will conduct their own in-depth investigation about how the government intervenes to correct market failure.



AS 91401 - Demonstrate understanding of microeconomic analysis    5 credits

AS 91402 - Demonstrate understanding of government interventions to correct market failure    5 credits


AS 91399 - Demonstrate understanding of the efficiency of market equilibrium    4 credits

AS 91400 - Demonstrate understanding of the efficiency of different market structures using marginal analysis    4 credits


AS 91403 - Demonstrate understanding of macroeconomic influences on the New Zealand economy    6 credits

Where Does It Lead

Ideal background for those who wish to pursue Commerce Degrees or Business Studies diplomas or certificates in Polytechnics and Universities.

Also useful for those intending to pursue tertiary study in Agribusiness,  Geography, History or Law.

Further Information

Ms Armstrong