Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, people, places and environments. It is all about the world in which we live.

Geography is a combination of social science (human geography) and natural science (physical geography). In human geography we learn about the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies; and in physical geography we learn about the dynamics of physical landscapes and environments.

In Geography at Kavanagh College we learn about a diverse range of interesting geographic topics and issues including the exploding population of the world, sustaining the environment, the weather, earthquakes, Google Earth, Otago University scarfie culture, the pattern of murders in Chicago, the South Island high country, modern day slavery, coastal Dunedin, the future of South Dunedin, and tourism in Queenstown. Students learn and apply a range of mapping, graphing, visual and interpretation skills. We also look at current events and learn about countries of the world.

Fieldwork is an important aspect of geography. In Year 12 we go on an overnight fieldtrip to Mount Cook and in Year 13 we go on an overnight fieldtrip to Queenstown. We also complete field work around the Dunedin environment.

There’s a big world out there and there’s a lot to learn!