Media Studies

What is Media Studies?

This course is offered to students who wish to study the language of Media on two levels. The first being the analysis and exploration of the language of media and the second being the creative processes involved in the production of a media product.

The course involves a mix of theory and practical work. The theory part of the course involves students looking at how society reacts to media, the various aspects of media and the stereotypes and beliefs of  society that the media influence. We will examine topics of current interest, commentary versus reporting, ‘fake news’ and the influence of social media and the internet on the dissemination and definition of news.

This course is suited to students considering a career in the media. Students are introduced to the study and production of media texts and develop skills in critical analysis. Students learn how media texts are constructed and apply this knowledge to their production unit.

The practical part of the course involves the students either individually or in small groups making a film, completing a magazine spread/print publication or producing a radio show. The class will also be responsible for some of the college print publications/promotions and video productions/promotions.


Course Outlines