Year 7 - 8 Overview

In the first two years at Kavanagh College, students will be based in homerooms with their tutor teacher. The core subjects of Religious Education, English, Maths and Social Studies are taught in the junior area of the school. As a class, they will move around the school to specialist classrooms and teachers for Science, Te Reo Maori, Art, Music, Food Technology, Hard Materials, Soft Materials and ICT.

The first two years at Kavanagh College lay the foundation for the move into Year 9 and beyond. There is a focus on pastoral care and developing the academic skills needed for success.

Students can apply to be in the Opportunity Class, a gifted and talented programme that provides an extension programme for students who thrive on more challenging work.

Year 7 students partake in the buddies programme with senior students in Term 1 and are made to feel very welcome by older students. Students settle quickly into College life and enjoy the many positive interactions with prefects and head students.

There is a range of extra-curricular opportunities that cater for all students. Among the favourites are year 8 camp, junior social, Taieri and Mount Aspiring College sports exchanges, musical, instrumental music lessons, jazz band, orchestra, student council, Enviro club, Fun Science club with Amadeo and much more.

Year 7 & 8 at Kavanagh College provides the building blocks for students to form the learning habits that will ensure success both in higher schooling and beyond.