Year 9 option subjects

Year 9 students choose FOUR options. Each of the four options is for five hours per fortnight for two terms, so that two options are completed in each half year.

In choosing these options, students and parents are reminded that Year 9 is a time for choice and opportunity. Much of the overall learning programme is covered in the six compulsory core subjects listed on the overview page. Year 9 students should aim for as much breadth as possible in their learning. There is no issue with choosing something to try this year only.

Some students and parents may wish to plan beyond Year 9. Some subjects need to be taken early on to avoid learning gaps. It is worth checking the senior course information on the website for further assistance in selecting a course, including information on any pre-requisites required for courses in Years 11-13.

Note that at Year 11, only TWO options are chosen as all other subjects are compulsory, (English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education). The two options in Year 11 can be chosen after consideration is given to the following points:

  • Some Year 11 options may be chosen from Year 10 courses if the prerequisites are met

  • Some Year 11 options do not have prerequisites from Years 9 or 10

  • Some Year 11 options are derived from the compulsory subjects at Year 10, eg; Social Studies leads to Geography and History as options in Year 11, and are being offered for the first time at that level.

  • Some Year 11 options must have been studied in Years 9 and 10, in particular languages, if students wish to pursue them further.


The ABC Subject Selection Checklist

When you have made your choices, follow this simple checklist: 

Ability and Attitude- are you able and are you interested?

Balance -will you have a range of options open for future career ideas?

Choiceare they your own decisions or have you been swayed by others?


If you click on the subject, you are able to read a brief outline of the subject to help make your choice.


Design and Visual Communication




Maori Studies


Technology- Hard Materials

Technology- Textile Design

Technology- Food and Nutrition