Enrolment Form

Preference of enrolment is given to students who have established a link with the Catholic Church through baptism or membership of a parish. Preference is decided by your parish priest. A preference certificate from the parish is required for each students with the application for enrolment, when applying to enter the school. Students without preference are welcome to apply but enrolment is restricted to 5% of the total roll. Zoning does not apply to the College. The main contributing schools are the parish schools in the city. Enrolments come from both urban schools and rural schools.

Religious Details

Other Details

Mother Details

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Emergency Contact Details

Confidentiality: Contact details on this form are required by law to be forwarded to the Ministry of Social Development. This is so at risk young people can be identified and offered support by organisations contracted to help re-engage young people in education or training when they leave school. The information will not be used for any other purpose.

We agree to comply with the College regulations concerning religious instruction, discipline, uniform, attendance, stationery, books fees, attendance dues and all other matters pertaining to the welfare of the College. We acknowledge the Board of Trustees authority whenever the name of the College is represented or displayed in the community.