By Shaun Haig | Posted: Wednesday September 19, 2018


All students are to meet in the Kavanagh Gym at 5:30pm for greeting rehearsal. Mt Aspiring to arrive at 5:45pm. A formal welcome to commence at 6.00pm. All students that are involved in the interchange to attend please.


All students will assemble at 8:30am in the Mercy Yard at Kavanagh and be directed to the appropriate venues.

Rugby/Football- Robin Hood Park

Hockey- Hockey Turf- Logan Park

Netball- Kavanagh College

Miniball-Kavanagh College

The following Kavanagh teams will be involved during the interchange:

· Miniball Year 7/8 Boys, Year 7/8 Girls,

· Rugby 15’s- Year 7/8

· Football Year 7 Mixed and Yr 8 Mixed

· Netball Yr 7 Gold and Yr 7/8 Gold

· Hockey Yr 7/8 mixed

Players can wear their full and correct PE/playing strip to school. Please note this is not a mufti day

Year 7 & 8 students who are not hosting a billet are asked to please pay $5 to help cover the cost of the BBQ. This can be dropped off anytime this week to myself or their tutor teacher.

Teams will be displayed on Thursday.  For a full schedule please see the attachment.

Families hosting billets will receive information in letter form through your children on Thursday.

As always, parent support during this event is most welcome.

Best regards

Shaun Haig