Opportunity Class Round Up

By Georgie Watts | Posted: Monday September 24, 2018

Our gifted and talented group of students from the Kāhui Ako have spent this term thinking about thinking!

We have been investigating philosophy, and started with questions that can't necessarily be answered simply. We looked at Heaps Paradox (how many snowflakes need to be falling for it to be snowing?). We addressed issues of morals and ethics by thinking about Plato's Ring of Gyges (rings of invisibility). How would a good person use the ring versus how a morally bad person would use the ring. What about if everyone in the world had a ring of invisibility, how would that change society?

We've talked about friendship, 'good' people. We also created an imaginary government where we discussed law and justice and made our own laws. We talked about the holocaust, and discussed how people could let something like that happen, and whether or not they saw it before it was too late, and what it meant to be a bystander for a small thing, or a big thing. Finally we addressed human rights, and the rights children have specifically.

Big thoughts for a fairly short term!