NCEA - Endorsed with Excellence

By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Wednesday September 26, 2018

As we end Term 3 we wanted to recognise those students who have already achieved 50 Excellence credits in the last month. Please support your young people to get rest these holidays and keep up the revision. We are so proud of how our students are tracking, keep up the great work.

We encourage families to have a conversation around goal setting 

What Goals are possible?  

Level 1 NCEA 

80 credits to pass including 10 Literacy and 10 Numeracy 

Endorsed with Merit 

80 credits with 50 credits Merit or Excellence level 

Endorsed with Excellence 

80 credits with 50 credits at Excellence level 

Subject Endorsements 

14 or more credits Merit or Excellence and at least 3 of these credits from externally assessed standards 

Level 2 NCEA and Level 3 NCEA 

60 credits to pass 

Endorsed with Merit 

60 credits with 50 credits Merit or Excellence level

Endorsed with Excellence 

60 credits with 50 credits at Excellence level

Level 1

Courtney Caulfield 

Rosie Auckram 

Jayden Apuwai-Bishop 

Tobias Brennan 

Rachel Mason 

Level 2

Grace Apuwai-Bishop

Sarah Kreft

Rancel Noquilla

Anjali Raji

Judea Smith