By Jean Allibone | Posted: Wednesday April 13, 2022

This term the Year 7 and 8 Water Polo teams competed in the Otago Water Polo intermediate school’s competition.

Both teams worked hard throughout the term commiting to practices and the games.

The year seven team had a great season and finished strongly in their final games. They worked together and competed as a team after not playing together before. Hopefully they continue to grow as a team throughout their years at school

The year eight team finished 3rd place in the B grade after a tough game against Balmacewen to win 5-3. They worked as a team and played strategically to pull away from the draw at half time.

Many thanks to Emma Christophers and Paris Laws for their continued support for the teams this term.

Congratulations to both of the teams for their hard work and effort this term and for their final placings.

Here is the link for Otago Water Polo if any of the players throughout the school would like to further their skills: