Taking history apart at the seams

By Sue Robinson | Posted: Friday June 25, 2021

A class trip for the Year 10 Textile class to have a look at how people used garments and textile articles to tell a story of themselves or others.

A group of Year 10 students headed down to The Otago Museum to look at various textile items from across the years that helped to show where people had used them to be part of their story. Many articles we looked at were functional items for daily life that had taken many hours to create. 

An interesting interactive display where the students could explore weaving proved to be a hit for some.   

The large quilt, pictured here, was designed and constructed by a group of patch workers to acknowledge the contribution of the original benefactors, who made the starting of the Museum possible, was a highlight. This quilt shows many aspects of the story of early and present Otago. 

This trip was looking at local history and putting the students' future project into a context beyond the Sewing room's four walls.     

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