Tobias Devereux just keeps getting better and better

By Daniel Kelly | Posted: Thursday October 25, 2018

Tobias has outshone his previous stellar year in Mathematics. His latest award, a medal for ICAS Mathematics, marks him out as the top Maths student for his age in the country.

Here is just a quick overview of Tobias' achievements in mathematics this year:

University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition

Top 30 out of thousands of candidates.

Australian Mathematics Competition

This international competition involves over half a million students. Tobias Devereux managed to earn a prize again this year. He's been invited to a special awards ceremony for this.

ICAS Mathematics

Tobias Devereux will receive a medal for obtaining the highest score for his age group in New Zealand with a mark of 39 out of 40. This is a remarkable feat at a highly-competitive level. He's been invited to a special awards ceremony for this, too.

But wait, there's more

In addition, Tobias has gained a high distinction for both ICAS Computational and Algorithmic Thinking and ICAS Digital. To put this in perspective, any one of the above awards would have earnt him a place on the Wall of Fame. In addition, Tobias has achieved a near-perfect score on his tests and assignments for the University of Canterbury Mathematics paper he is completing this year. Tobias will be also sitting the Calculus Scholarship exam in November. We wish him all the best.