Elijah Booth - Street Artist

By Jane de Graaf | Posted: Sunday November 4, 2018

During the school holidays, I was part of a group of secondary school students who painted a mural in Dunedin. The mural was of a spray can, and each of us had a panel to paint.

Before we started painting, we met every week for three weeks to plan our work with Johnny Waters. He is a local artist and he organised it. The mural is in lower Rattray Street just down from our school.

I was the only student from Kavanagh College, and was one of the youngest in the group. The finished mural looks pretty cool - I really like discovering new murals around town I hadn’t seen and it’s cool that I was part of creating a new one.

To my surprise, I just found out that my panel was selected as one of the best and I have now been asked to paint something for an exhibition! There will be lots of cool artists also exhibiting - including the artist who painted the Ed Sheeran mural. Now I just need to work out what to paint….

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