Changes to Snapchat's privacy policy

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Tuesday July 5, 2022

Some changes recently highlight the exact locations (within a metre) and directions to reach anyone you are 'friends' with on Snapchat unless changed in the settings.

Any 'friend' on Snapchat can be shown your address and given directions to getting there, including street address. There is still the ability to go into 'Ghost mode' and to exclude certain friends from seeing you or only letting chosen friends have access to your location. The person does have to check and adapt these settings by accessing the Snapmap section and then the settings button in the top right corner. If in doubt, don't share your location!

Other changes include Snapchat sharing how close you are to other friends based on your interactions with them, and sharing your recent locations with friends. Their updates to the privacy policy came into effect on 29 June. Here is a link to them, it may be worth having a good read and ensuring you are protecting yourself as much as possible.