"Science is now my second favourite subject..."

By Kerron Thomson | Posted: Thursday November 29, 2018

Students from Room 4 at St Peter Chanel School get a taste of Science.

Last Wednesday, with the invitation from the super Ms Tsukigawa, the Science Department took a little science to the wonderful students from Room 4 at St Peter Chanel. Students were introduced to the ideas around the Nature of Science of how scientists work together and use observations to make theories around what is happening. They mixed chemicals together and used their senses to identify the differences between a physical and a chemical change; what they can see, feel, hear and how this provides evidence of something new being made.

The students were enthusiastic and our thanks go to the brilliant Sara Tunoka for allowing us to visit. The quote of the day came from one gorgeous young man who said: “Science is now my second best subject, after football”. Thank you Room 4!

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