The OC class to be launched at St. Mary's, Kaikorai

By Kavanagh staff | Posted: Saturday March 25, 2017

The collaborative G&T learning hub of primary students and years 7-10 students from Kavanagh was launched in the last week of term one.

 The Kavanagh College Kapa-haka group and all the students of Saint Mary's were there to celebrate this event where there was a mihi whakatau, followed by kai and games.
Five outstanding Saint Mary's students have been working hard to prepare for the arrival of their special guests from Kavanagh since week 6. They have decorated the room with posters, bean bags and 'big kids' desks as well as practising games to challenge the OC students. The year 5 and 6 students have enjoyed stretching their own brains with a range of philosophical and scientific activities.From Term Two the groups will start of the term by going to the Taiko Dojo (Japanese Drumming Music rooms) where they will watch, play and practice the Japanese drums. From there, we will build an inquiry on Japan and look into areas of study with this topic for the term. Every term we will have a field trip where the groups will combine and learn together.Every week OC will have two hours at Saint Mary's to work on skills of critical thinking, working together as well as an individual student directed project based learning.The SAT class (St Mary's) will have their own program running where they will work on a range of similar skills and sometimes the groups will have fun tasks that bring them together.Both groups are excited about being pulled together. St. Mary's students are over the moon to have their Kavanagh idols join them and have so much to learn with them. The Kavanagh students are thrilled to have time to work on passion projects and develop their peer mentoring skills of supporting others.The adventures ahead for this group of talented learners is going to be awesome. Watch this space.

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