Swimming Sports

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Monday September 11, 2017

Friday, 22nd September Periods 1-3. See below for instructions

Only students who are on the list (those entered and senior helpers) will be allowed at the pool. A copy of the list is on the Sports Noticeboard, at the Sports Office (D23) and at the Year 7&8 Sports Office.

Participants need to bring their swimming gear, goggles, towel (two towels are recommended), drink bottles and food.

Year 7 & 8 students can be dropped off at Moana Pool. Alternatively they can meet at the Tennyson Street gates at 8.50am and they will be walked to Moana Pool under staff supervision.

Year 9 – 13 students are to meet at Moana Pool at the start of Period1 on Friday – either get dropped off at the pool or walk safely and sensibly from school to the pool.

When you arrive at the pool tell the front desk you are there for the Kavanagh College Swimming Sports, get changed and then sit in the grandstand at the Old Diving Pool end. Take all of your gear up to the grandstand with you.

The aim is to start the first races as soon as possible after 9.00am.

Advanced warning that you Will Not be allowed to have cell phones out during the swimming sports.

All participants will be expected to stay at the pool till the last race (midday at the latest). At midday you will return to school - Year 7 & 8 students will be walked back as a group, Year 9 – 13 students may return to school independently.

All students will be expected to be in P4, starting at 1.00pm.