Social Students Inquiry Project

By Year 10 Social Studies | Posted: Tuesday May 28, 2019

For our Social Studies Inquiry project, we decided to create our own app

We will create this app in the hope to convince more people to get the correct amount of exercise they need. The app will have levels and goals. The app will have levels and in these levels, there will be multiple bike rides and walking tracks. The level of difficulty of the walk will depend on the level you have chosen and your fitness levels. 

Our class went to Sand Fly Bay to get outside and realise Dunedin's and New Zealand's gems. The class loved going there, getting outside and exploring the beach. There where only good reviews, everyone loved the trip. We will create the app and get other people motivated to go outside and explore.

By Alex Kerr, Ethan Walsh, Jack O'Neill, Joe Enright - 10HR