Seniors Reach 25 Excellence NCEA Credits

By Trish James | Posted: Tuesday June 4, 2019

A number of our students in Year 11 - 13 have gained 25 excellence credits in their year of study

Congratulations to our students who have made a great start to their year by gaining 25 Excellence credits towards their NCEA Qualifications.  They need to gain 50 Excellence credits to gain their certificate endorsed with Excellence.  Students who gain 100 Excellence credits will also be acknowledged at the Academic Blues.

Congratulations to:

Year 11- Jago Armstrong, Stella Caulton, Meg Christophers, Tobias Devereux (including a University paper), Erika Fairweather, Rosa Garlick, Sami Perkins and Katie Wink.

Year 12 - Kyra McEntyre and Sam Meikle

Year 13 - Oliver Hill, Aine Kelly, Finley Mahoney, Rancel Noquilla and Judea Smith