Board of Trustees Election Results

By Maria Menzies | Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2019

Please see below for the results of the recent Board of Trustees Elections

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent Representative votes:

Hamilton, Chriss     143

Kelekolio, Sefo        179

Krysa-Clark, Jo           86

Long, Barb               144

McKenzie, Liz          159

Meikle, Rebecca     181

Invalid                          5

I hereby declare the following duly elected.

Hamilton, Chriss

Kelekolio, Sefo

Long, Barb

McKenzie, Liz

Meikle, Rebecca

Staff Representative votes:

Bresanello, Amelia         13

Mortimer, Rachel            30

I hereby declare Rachel Mortimer duly elected

Maria Menzies

Returning Officer