Wonder Project Rocket Challenge

By Jane de Graaf | Posted: Thursday June 6, 2019

Year 7 students have been working with engineers for five weeks to design water-powered rockets.

The Wonder Project is a project whose primary mission is to get young Kiwis excited about a career in science, technology, engineering and maths.  We had Sam and Josh from Beca teach us about the design process in engineering.  We used these principles to design the Ultimate Rockets.  

We learned about problem-solving, force, aerodynamics, and thrust, before our final blast off on Tuesday.  It has been very exciting working our way through our successes and fails.  

"We made our rockets out of reused plastic and cardboard. It was awesome to watch and learn." - Hannah Jaquiery

"The Rocket Challenge was very enjoyable. The first time we tried to launch our rocket, it didn't go that well, but we kept on trying. It was still very fun to build." - Aryan Singh  

"Our team had lots of ups and downs but it was a fun experience to learn about Flight." - Claire Gallagher

"We changed our rocket over time from some taped on fins to hot gluing them on which worked way better. It was such a good way for us to experiment and learn." - Sarah Wink

The Rocket Challenge was a great way to work on our teamwork skills." - Isobelle Mahoney

"Despite the odds, we snagged a spot in 3rd place!" - Max Lowrey