2019 Otago Aurora Science & Technology Fair

By Liz Naylor | Posted: Wednesday July 31, 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have had their Science Fair Projects selected for the Otago Aurora Science and Technology Fair

Izzy Edmonds 8BON:  How Many Germs are on Shopping Trolleys?

Jeremy Meikle & Alice Kelsall 8BON:  Town Belt to the Rescue

Mila Stace 8BON:  Did I Get Scammed?

Abbey Simpson 8BON:  Can Chewing Gum Help Improve Your School Results?

Ruby de Graaf 8BON:  Find It

Jamie Garlick & Patrick Cotter 8CAM:  What is Where in Our Wai?

Tom McDade 8CAM:  Noise, Noise Everywhere

Jayden Deuster-Parker 8CAM:  Rat Race

Tom Davis 8CAM:  Raising Radical Radishes

Angus Bell & Oliver Lodge 8HAI:  Quick As a Flash

Sarah Oram 8HAI:  Now U C Me

Quinn Byers 8HAI:  Nailed It

Aya Oseki & Daisy Jarvie 8OCB:  Getting Girls Active Step 1