Kreft Continues to Rise in Trap Shooting Ranks

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Wednesday August 21, 2019


Secondary Schools South Island Championships:   Alex shot well in this event, he was middle of the pack in the junior shooters and enjoyed shooting against schools from all over the country

Nightcaps' Scott Shield Inter-school shoot: this was held the day after the South Island Champs so a big weekend. It was a good learning process for Alex to see the level of concentration and consistency needed to compete at the same level as some of the top teams. With lots of practice and coaching at the club he headed to Balfour.

Balfour Inter-collegiate Shoot:  Alex performed well here and came away with a medal for third junior shooter. To get this placing Alex had to go into a sudden death shoot off with five other shooters, this is done at the end of all the competition and in front of all the competitors and coaches.

Single Barrel 9/10
Single Rise 19/20
Points score 52/60 

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