Year 13 Geography Trip

By Sue Roberts-Blyth | Posted: Wednesday August 21, 2019

August 18-20 saw the excellent Year 13 Geography venture forth to Queenstown.

Whilst there were some wild adventures to be had - bridges to be jumped off, jet boats to be ridden and fear factory to overcome - the students also spent time listening and talking to key people in the area about the impacts of tourism on the physical and cultural environment. 

Airport staff talked about ways to mitigate the impacts of exponential growth in air travel, museum staff gave us facts and figures around temporal changes in the area, DOC talked about ways to encourage NZ tourists onto tracks and trails whilst still providing enough facilities for the ever-growing international travellers, and the District Council gave an excellent presentation showing spatial changes, and discussing the problem of having only 28,000 rate payers but 2.5 million tourists. 

We also visited Camp Glenorchy - a fully self-sufficient camp site created by Pagemaker tech developers Paul and Debbi Brainerd. 

Whilst on the trip, Ella turned 18, Fergburger was rated as the best burger ever, and games of Mafia, table tennis and pool were had.

A very big thank you to my wonderful support crew - Mr Campbell and Ms Stevens. An epic adventure!

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