Joaquin, Mexico, Year 12

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Wednesday December 3, 2014

What I liked the most of New Zealand it was the people from here they have a lovely sense of humour, they help you all the time.

I also love the places and views that New Zealand has; my favourite city is Queenstown it has so many things to do. I really enjoy the gondola it’s one of my favourite things to do. Queenstown has the best burgers ever, they are called Ferg burger and they are really good. There is also a place very close to Queenstown called Milford Sound . Before I went there all the people told me it was the prettiest place in the world; I am not sure if it’s the truth but when I got there it was just like any place of New Zealand. Maybe because I was used to the views but I was expecting to see something from the out of space; so if you haven’t been and you are going don’t wait to see something incredible so when you get there you are not disappointed.

What I will remember the most of Kavanagh will be my friends and the teachers that I got to know really well