Waste Audit

By Lucia Rozenberg | Posted: Friday October 20, 2017

On Wednesday afternoon the Senior Enviro Council and the Junior Enviro Club were involved in a waste audit. They collected all the rubbish from the outside and inside of our school and divided it into the three groups; non-recyclable, recyclable and compost.

Throughout this process, they discovered that the non-recyclable, and most problematic pile of rubbish, contained mostly small glad wrap plastic bags and small chips packaging. This is a big issue but it can be easily solved by reducing buying separately packaged food items and by changing the way food is packed at home and brought to school.

From the result shown in the attached diagram, it is clear that we, as a school, need to decide what would be the easiest and more effective next step towards Kavanagh’s sustainability. 

One option is to invest in a recycling rubbish bin system and the second is to start a campaign to encourage everybody to get rid of the plastic waste altogether. The Senior Enviro Council and Junior Enviro Club both agreed that the latter would be probably the more logical and easiest option.    

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