Max Mller, Germany, Year 12

By Max Moller | Posted: Thursday December 8, 2016

When I first came to Kavanagh College, the world famous cultural shock was very present, so I was pretty relieved when I saw how my first day at Kavanagh College would be like.

 Being not the only new “greenhorn”, we were welcomed with the usual kiwi-esque enthusiasm which is so well known around the world.

Even though everybody did their best to make it as easy as possible for me, I was still confused two weeks later: a thousand new faces (and names that belong to them), a slightly complex school building and a ridiculously complicated timetable. Finding friends at least was rather easy. Even though you can’t just get into the numerous peer groups gathering in the breaks, everybody is outgoing and friendly and even the school itself can open new doors. It wasn’t long until everybody knew me (or at least my name). Then there are the teachers: It is always said that teachers are a species for themselves, but Kavanagh’s teachers prove that wrong. Skilled, helpful and most of the time friendly and relaxed, they definitely helped me a lot.

Another point which is very important are the subjects. Not just the amount of subjects I was able to choose from, it’s the diversity. Whether you’re creative, athletic, skilled with languages or numbers, interested in technic or science – you’ll find something.

So that was basically the start. But what about the school day at all? After finding out all the ways through the school building and understanding the timetable, some of the most enjoyable times of my life began.

There were basically three questions I was asked regularly: 1 – Why New Zealand, especially Dunedin, especially Kavanagh? 2 – Did you watch the World Cup final? 3 – Do you listen to Rammstein? Well, for 2 and 3: Yes, and sometimes. I’ve chosen Kavanagh for two reasons: A – it was presented to me by a former exchange student which showed me all the benefits and B – it was the most supporting school on the exhibition, which has awoken the wish to come here.

Of course, there are drawbacks: the uniform. By now I have got used to the crimson-navy blazer and I even find it quite comfortable. But I know many girls cursing and mourning about their kilts, which actually look quite OK compared to other school uniforms, but still aren’t the most comfortable or beautiful thing you could wear. But enough of the drawbacks!

What is the ultimate thing that I like most about Kavanagh? It’s the community. The fact that absolutely everybody is nice and outgoing. The fact that you just simply walk up to someone and say “Hi” and sit down and talk. The bond between student and student and student and teacher. Though not everybody is (and some maybe never will be) your friend, everybody is friendly. People just appear to be more human than in other places.

So, after all, considering the amount and diversity of subjects (and most of the time the skills they’re taught with) and the tremendous community and companionship you can feel right from the first minute, Kavanagh College is one of the best places I’ve been toAugust 2014