Important End of Year Information for Senior Students

By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Tuesday October 24, 2017

Senior Prizegiving

Our 2017 Senior Prizegiving is being held on Thursday 2nd November in the Christian Brother’s Gymnasium (Hall/Gym) starting at 7.00pm. This is always a very special occasion where it is our privilege to celebrate the academic successes of our Year 11-13 students and to farewell our leavers, in particular, our Year 13 students. We ask that all students, looking immaculate in their full school uniform including blazers, be seated by 6.45pm in the body of the Hall. We would appreciate it if parents could all be seated by 6.55pm. Please notify the school office if you have special parking requirements. While some of our students’ results do not meet the criteria to be congratulated publicly during prizegiving, many have also had pleasing individual course results.

Leaver’s Mass and Year 13 Leaver’s Morning Tea

The Leavers Mass will take place in the Auditorium on Friday 3rd November at 10.00am. Year 13 students are asked to be in the Senior Common Room by 9.00am. Year 13 students and their parents/caregivers are invited to the Mass and a farewell morning tea which will be held in the Senior Common Room/Bodkin Yard immediately after the Leaver’s Mass on Friday 3rd November.

External Examinations and NZQA Entry slips

The external examinations are fast approaching. Senior students are on study leave from approximately midday on Thursday 2nd November. Students on exam study leave are not required to be on site. For students requiring extra support, subject teachers will be available for tutorials during their regular scheduled class periods until Wednesday, 8 November. Please ensure that your son/daughter knows the times for each examination and that they are well prepared for each one. Tutorials are available in most subjects and a timetable of these is on the school website and published in the weekly newsletter. *NZQA Examination Entry slips will be issued to all students. These must be taken to each exam that they sit, as they cannot be admitted into exams without them! Students may wear mufti to external examinations.

Examination absences - Illness or Personal Emergencies

It is vital that you phone the school office by 8.30am on the day of the exam if your son/daughter cannot attend the examination (illness or personal emergency). *A Derived Grade form is available from Mr Waterworth and must be taken to the doctor for signing. Both this Derived Grade form and a Doctor’s certificate will be required before a derived grade can be applied for. Note that a student who fails to turn up to an examination means that the exam supervisors will have to contact home.

Peer Support Training (for 2018 Year 13 students) takes place on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December from 10.00am until approx 3.00pm in the Senior Common Room (lunch provided). This is a great opportunity for students to give something back to the school in the way of assisting new students integrate into the College. Names are to be given to Mrs Kerr-Bell.

2017 Clearance

We ask that students return all materials belonging to Kavanagh College (texts and resources) so that stocktaking can take place. Students are expected to return resources to staff after external examinations have finished. Please check with the Bursar in advance to see if any money is owed.

Course Confirmation 2018 (Check the Kavanagh College Website or the ODT on Sat 20 Jan, Wed 24 Jan and Sat 27 Jan)

Students have already made choices about what subjects they intend/hope to take in 2018. Confirmation into these courses will depend upon two things. Firstly, the Heads of Departments will approve course entry depending upon the entry criteria stated in the course booklet and each individual’s results. Secondly, students must turn up to confirm their course at Course Confirmation Day on Monday 29th January at 1.00pm in the Christian Brother’s Gym (Uniform is not required today). Students who are overseas or unavailable on that day are asked to confirm prior to leaving school this year, or to leave a message at the office early next year. Students who do not confirm cannot be guaranteed places in their preferred courses. On Tuesday 30th January 1.00-3.00pm all Year 11-13 students are to be at school in Full School Uniform. On Wednesday 31 January all Year 11 - 13 students are expected to attend their usual Odd Wednesday Period 3 timetabled subject at 11:10am, in full school Uniform.