Years 9-13 Sports Awards

By Staff | Posted: Friday October 28, 2022

On Wednesday 26 October we held our annual Sports Awards for Years 9-13

The awards were for Outstanding Contribution, Excellence and Blues, with the following students receiving top honours:

Team of the Year - Girls Curling Team: Ellie McKenzie, Olivia Oram, Sarah Oram, Bella Stewart

Student Coach of the Year - Madi Buckley

McLaughlan Trophy - Paris Laws

Year 9/10 Sportsperson of the Year - Aria Bannister

Senior Sportsperson of the Year - Emma Christophers

Congratulations to all students who walked across the stage. To the Year 13 students leaving, it would be great to have you back coaching or managing a team in 2023.

You can view the prizegiving here.

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