Ayumi Tezuka, Japan, Year 12

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Saturday September 24, 2016

I have been here in Kavanagh, Dunedin and NZ for 7 months. I had wonderful time with nice people. I could experience a lot of things that I never experienced in Japan.

 At the first, I was very anxious about can I keep up with class or can I make a friend here. But I was acclimatized to this school, thanks to much support of friendly friends and teachers who take good care of students.

I have a lot of memories in Kavanagh, but especially the formal party is the best memory for me. Because I had never gone to a party at school in Japan and this party was my first. I can’t forget that scenery as I looked at the party venue while overseas for the first time.

Besides this, I took part in the Badminton club of Kavanagh, a sports festival and trip. Also I did volunteer activities in a home for the aged in Dunedin City. New Zealand is the best country to learn English, experience many new things and take part in exciting activities. My New Zealand life is a treasure of my life.