The Addams Family - Auditions for Lead Roles

By Tor Devereux | Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2022

Trinity Catholic College’s first ever musical will be The Addams Family and the performances are scheduled for 23-26 May 2023.

We had intended to stage this musical in 2022, but Covid restrictions earlier in the year meant that it was postponed until 2023. However, by the time this decision was made, we had already run auditions for the ten lead roles. The students who were cast in these lead roles have been given the option of retaining them for the 2023 production if they want to and/or are still able to carry out the role.

This means that many of the lead roles have already been filled, but at the end of November we will be running auditions for 3 lead roles that are still available - Morticia Addams (strong alto), Pugsley Addams (soprano/tenor - no gender assigned to role), and Grandma (character singer).

The auditions will take place on Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 3.15pm in the Music House. If you’re interested in auditioning, please read through the Audition Info document carefully:

You will also need to complete the Google sign-up form:

If you would like to audition but you’re unavailable on 29 November, you may submit a video audition. Your video must be sent to Tor Devereux ( before 29 November in order to be considered. Please also complete the Google sign-up form if you’re going to audition by video.

There will be auditions early in Term 1 2023 for the lead ensemble and the dance group, as well as the opportunity to sign up for the general ensemble (which won’t require an audition).

If you have any questions about the musical or auditions, please contact Tor Devereux (